The installation of your backsplash

The installation of your kitchen backsplash

Our plates are easy to assemble. Check out our instructions and the FAQ and we're sure it will run smoothly. If you have any questions after reading the information, you can always contact us.

Preparation: what do I have to do before mounting the backsplash?

Unpack the back wall

Be careful not to damage the wall with sharp objects during unpacking and assembly. Do not open the packaging with a knife or other sharp object, as you risk damaging the wall. If this happened by accident, please contact us as soon as possible.

Prepare the backsplash for mounting

Ensure that the plastic protective film on the back of the backsplash is removed, if present.

Prepare the wall for mounting

The back wall can be glued directly over existing walls / tiles. Make sure that there are not too large pieces of glue residue or old tiles protruding from the wall. It is best to put this away first and make the wall as flat as possible. It's okay if it's all bumpy. There is no need to plaster

Fixing the backsplash

Mounting on the wall can be done by means of mounting kit (Pattex Powerfix Polymer white or similar product) or simply mounted with screws on the back wall.

If a sealant is used, a dot of sealant should be placed every 5 cm over the entire plate so that the wall is firmly attached to the wall everywhere.

Can I still edit or saw the material myself?

Any sockets can easily be cut out using a Dremel, jigsaw or hole saw. The material is relatively soft and very easy to work with.

It is also possible that we will remove the sockets for you. No additional costs will be charged for this. We can also make small holes for you in the places where the sockets will be. Then you can look this up even further if necessary.

It is also a good idea to practice sawing first, so that you are used to the material. The free* samples are therefore ideal for this. First practice with your saw on the samples before you start working on the large wall.

How can I finish the edges nicely?

You can finish the edges of the back wall with a silicone sealant after installation. Make sure you use a color kit that matches the countertop/back wall. This way you get the best result.

Would you like to know more about all the good properties of our backsplash material? View the info page of the walls.

Still unclear about our backsplash material? Don't hesitate to ask us anything.