Own photo on your kitchen backsplash

It is possible to send in your own photos and we will make a custom design. Of course we discuss your wishes in detail and we give you a taste of how it will turn out. After everything is agreed, we will produce the wall for you. Maybe you want a photo from vacation, that beautiful sunset in Lanzarote. Or the white beaches with the clear blue sea on Crete. Everything is possible.

Own photo on a back wall

Personalize the kitchen or bathroom with a backsplash

Do you have a nice photo that you want to use to print on the plate? That is not a problem at all. Keep in mind that not every photo is suitable for enlarging and printing on our walls.

Submit your own photo or stock photo

Sending in the photos is very easy and we will check whether the photo is suitable. We set up an example of how we print the image with the measurements you provide of your kitchen. We only take the rear wall into production after approval. We print the photo on the plate. Then a protective coating is applied over it. This way the print is protected and the wall remains beautiful. More information about the material can be found here.

Stock photos TIP: it is also possible to use a photo from, for example, Shutterstock or iStock for the back wall.