Combining a gas stove with a kitchen backsplash / backsplash

Do not combine your gas stove with tiles, but with a beautiful designer wall. You now have the choice of more than 100 designs and millions of photos. Are you going for flowers, retro, vintage, bricks or concrete?

The heat on a gas stove can be quite high. Especially when you have several burners on and the gas is well open. This is much less with an induction or ceramic plate. That is why it is very important that you keep enough distance between the fire and the back wall.

Backsplash behind the stove, how does that work?

It is important that there is enough distance between the back wall and the fire. Test the distance while you have the fire open. Is the distance between the fire and the rear wall less than 10 cm? Then we recommend placing a backboard saver between the designer wall and the stove. We will help you find the right glass plate for your situation.

The heat with induction or ceramic cooking cannot be compared to the gas stove. Due to the open fire, the temperature rises very much. With induction or other hobs, extra protection is therefore not necessary.

Combine different backsplashes behind the stove.

Go for a great new look in the kitchen or bathroom; by combining our designer walls. Choose a different design behind the hob or go for a stainless steel look. Many of our backsplashes look great in combination with a stainless steel plate.

Are you curious about what it can all look like in your kitchen? Choose your designs. WhatsApp us with a photo of your kitchen. And we are only too happy to simulate your new backsplashes against the wall of your kitchen! View our simulation service for more information.