Backsplashes - Textures

Design a quiet backsplash for a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

In our Smooth collection you will find (false) plains and solid colours. Are you looking for a quiet or romantic atmosphere for the kitchen or bathroom, then browse through the category. Do you want your own RAL Color on your back wall? RAL Color samples on request or choose a design from our collection.

NB; we do not yet have any samples of this collection in stock. Please contact us to discuss if you would like samples.

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Kitchen wall with print - Blue Glaze MosaicSpatwand met mozaiek print
Ombre Sand - Uni Kitchen wallKeukenwand ontwerp - Ombre Sand
Texture Soft Shell - Uni kitchen wall
Concrete look back wall - DW7062Concrete look back wall - DW7062
Keuken achterwand DW7200Keuken achterwand - DW7200
Texture Eggshell - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Butter - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Off White - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Pebble - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Celadon - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Light Gray - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Gray Mid - Uni Kitchen wall
Texture Gray - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Anthra - Uni kitchen wallTexture Anthra - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Moss Light - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Sand - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Soft Sands - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Ocre - Uni kitchen wallTexture Ocre - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Blue - Uni kitchen wallTexture Blue - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Blossom - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Taupe Light - Uni kitchen wallTexture Taupe Light - Uni kitchen wall
Texture Taupe Dark - Uni Kitchen wall
Ombre Blue - Uni Kitchen wallOmbre Blue - Uni Kitchen wall
Ombre Taupe - Uni Kitchen wall
Ombre Beach 04 - Uni kitchen wallOmbre Beach 04 - Uni kitchen wall
Ombre Anthra - Uni Kitchen wall
Ombre Gray - Uni Kitchen wall
Ombre Chalk - Uni Kitchen wall
Kitchen wall - Stone / Rock MotifKitchen wall - Stone / Rock Motif
DW6002Vanaf €100,-
Keukenwand met print - MosaicsKeukenwand met print - Mosaics
3D Stenen Bruin - Spatwand3D Stenen Bruin - Spatwand
3D Stenen Grijs - Spatwand3D Stenen Grijs - Spatwand
Keukenwand met print - DW1058Keukenwand met print - DW1058
Marmer Beige - Spatwand - DW8601Marmer Beige - Spatwand - DW8601
Marmer Neutraal - Spatwand - DW8602Marmer Neutraal - Spatwand - DW8602
Marmer Chique - Spatwand - DW8603Marmer Chique - Spatwand - DW8603
Marmer Black - Spatwand - DW8605Marmer Black - Spatwand - DW8605
Marmer Wit - Spatwand - DW8607Marmer Wit - Spatwand - DW8607
Marmer Donker - Spatwand - DW8608Marmer Donker - Spatwand - DW8608
Marmer Zand - Spatwand - DW8610Marmer Zand - Spatwand - DW8610
Marmer Grijs - Spatwand - DW8611Marmer Grijs - Spatwand - DW8611
Clean Marmer met Goud - Spatwand - DW8612Clean Marmer met Goud - Spatwand - DW8612
Groen Marmer - Spatwand - DW8615Groen Marmer - Spatwand - DW8615
Bruin Marmer - Spatwand - DW8616Bruin Marmer - Spatwand - DW8616
Donker Marmer Blauw Grijs - Spatwand - DW8619Donker Marmer Blauw Grijs - Spatwand - DW8619