Stainless steel rear wall Look in your kitchen

RVS Achterwand Look in je keuken

Stainless Steel Plate in the kitchen is very popular nowadays

A stainless steel Look kitchen backsplash. Order online and tailor-made. You can opt for a standard stainless steel look, as you are used to. But we have designed a number of beautiful designs, especially for the stainless steel Look Brushed plates. You can therefore create the most beautiful stainless steel look with a rear wall from Designerwand. Because our designs are specially designed for these plates and we have access to white ink, we can give your kitchen a great atmosphere.

Tough and sleek look with a stainless steel rear wall

It has become very popular in the last few years. You see it more and more. Not only in professional kitchens, but now also in the consumer's home. Stainless steel plates, cabinets, stoves, etc. You see the stainless steel look more and more.

Brushed Plates give the Stainless Steel Look

On the left you see our design on an Original plate. The right side shows how the design has been specially designed for the stainless steel Look kitchen plate. These are our Brushed plates, or stylish brushed aluminum. More information about our material can be found here.

Comparison of Brushed and Original Backsplash

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