Marble look in your kitchen

Marmer look in je keuken

Marble back wall in the kitchen - A real eye-catcher

A frequently chosen solution for the kitchen is marble. Counter tops, tabletops, tiles, even the floor sometimes. It can all be made out of marble. Because we can print any image on our kitchen walls, you can now also get started with a marble look. With simple assembly and an affordable price, you can create a luxurious kitchen in no time.

Many different types and colors of marble, we know it all over the world. The green marble from India, for example. Very popular with us Dutch people in recent years, in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. The red and yellow marble from Spain that you often see in floors and walls.

In addition, you also have the most famous type of marble in the whole world. Also called Blanco Carrara; the white marble . We also have a design of this ready on the website. A customer of ours has covered his entire kitchen backsplash with this and it looks great.

In our range we have both large marble slab designs and small tiles. Small hexagon shapes, antique whites and herringbone tiles . We can all scale the designs to whatever size you want. Exactly to your wishes. We can also customize colors. And within five days you can already get started with the plates to renovate your kitchen.

Combining marble with herbs and vegetables on your back wall

Ideal sheet material to easily create atmosphere in your kitchen. You can also combine a luxurious look for your kitchen with some cheerful colors. For example, we have made a number of designs with spices and vegetable in combination with the marble. This has also led to great results with our customers. Look at all kitchen backsplash results from our customers in a row .

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