Wall Circle Styling Rijksmuseum Nostalgia

Wandcirkel Styling Rijksmuseum Nostalgie

Living inspiration with wall circles

If you like hip and cozy, and you still miss that little piece of nostalgia on your wall, but in a hip version, then we have some inspiration for your wall here. The images are originally real antique plates. Plates from the Rijksmuseum collection, such as China Black or Floral China . And you can find more under the Wall Circles Collection.

Wall circle Rijksmuseum

A suitable wall circle for everyone

You can vary in size and material for the wall circles, and combine them to your heart's content. The popular wall plates in a 'flat' version, with designs from our collection. The Rijksmuseum Plates, or Rijksmuseum wall circles with a twist. The shape can be round, but custom shapes are also possible, such as Grandmum's plate . Nice for your kitchen as a colorful accent. Or at your dining table, and even living room or bedroom. You can put together your own collection of wall circles with the Rijksmuseum prints, and add a print of yourself, for example, or a wall circle with your favorite life wisdom. This is how you make your own Rijksmuseum wall at home.

We think the plates are so beautiful that we also have a wall plate design for the kitchen as one wall plate Rijksmuseum have designed. This way you are ready in the kitchen in one go.

If you prefer designs with a twist, then the Rijksmuseum plate in combination with the tropical vintage parrot might be something for you and you can combine that plate print with other prints. In short, you can make it as exciting as you want.

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