There is often more possible than you think

Er is vaak meer mogelijk dan je denkt

Do you love the still lifes and flowers of the Old Masters as they can be seen in the Rijksmuseum? Of course we have backsplashs and you can also order wall circles. But maybe you think a whole wall full of flowers is just a bit too much for your kitchen.

That is why we at Designerwand have designed an alternative for this design. For example, you can opt for a wall behind your hob. As an eye-catcher in your kitchen. But you can also choose to determine yourself more where you want the flowers: on the dark background with texture, the beautiful flowers can be placed on the left or right or in the middle. We can also mirror them for you. And the background can be extended as far as you want. This way you can decide for yourself where and how the flowers look best in your kitchen. You are your own stylist.

Did you know that the possibility to 'play' with the designs also exists for other designs?

Did you happen to see a beautiful design in our wallpaper collection, but do you want that beautiful flower wall without birds? Contact us via chat, telephone or make an appointment so that you can discuss the possibilities face-to-face, we are happy to help you.

It is very useful to bring a sketch with measurements of your kitchen, and to take a picture of the place where the wall should be placed. It is also very useful if you keep your counter empty for the photo, so that we can use that photo later for the simulation of your wall.

Once we have gone through all your wishes and looked at the possibilities, you will receive a price indication from us and we will start developing your personalized backsplash. We will then send you a simulation of the Designer Wall for approval, plus a jpg of the design, so that you can check the dimensions, etc. again. And if everything is correct and you have given your approval, we will finish it for you and ensure that you receive your beautiful new wall within about 4-7 working days. So you can enjoy it as soon as possible!

And nice to style a little more: you can order a matching floor cloth or matching mat.

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