Wallpaper Loving Rose INK7290 made to measure

Behang Loving Rose INK7290 op maat gemaakt

On our site you will find the most beautiful digital wallpaper to brighten up your living room or bedroom. Maybe you have already seen one or more that you would prefer to stick directly behind your bed. Or a floral wallpaper that is perfect to give your living room that finishing touch.

But you can immediately see that that beautiful flower will disappear behind your cupboard, if you stick the roll as indicated on the packaging or in our wallpaper book.

Sometimes this is easy to solve by pasting the roll in the correct order, but starting with a different part of the wallpaper. All our panels are numbered and as long as you keep the order, everything fits nicely. So if you start with panel 1, stick panel 2 to the right, then 3 and then 4.


But if it suits your wall better in terms of composition, you can also start with panel 4, as long as you continue with 1,2,3 afterwards. As long as you stick with sequential numbering, and if you've had the highest number continue with Panel 1.
NB! This does not apply to some extremely wide designs. But this does apply to the designs that repeat, which you can stick through if you have ordered several rolls. Always check, or in case of doubt you can always contact us before ordering!


If this does not solve your problem, or if you need multiple rolls, and you like it better that the accent piece does not come into your room twice, you can have us adjust your chosen design and have it printed to size. That is slightly more expensive per square meter, but often not much more expensive compared to the standard rolls that we supply. And then you have the perfect wall.


Be inspired by the example below.
Suzanne (name changed because ofavg) thought the Loving Rose was the perfect wallpaper for her bedroom. If she ordered 2 standard rolls, and glued standard, it would look like this:

But she thought it would be quite busy if the flowers would come back 2 x, and also a shame if the flowers disappeared behind the cupboard. After a brief discussion of all the possibilities, she accurately recorded all the dimensions of the walls and furniture, made a (digital) sketch and even pasted all the wallpaper so that our designers could see where the flowers should be placed.

Then our team got to work and adjusted the wallpaper so that it nicely covered the entire wall with the flowers in the right place. We sent Suzanne the digital proof, so she could see if she liked it and if all sizes were correct. After checking and approving the digital proof, we printed her wallpaper with panels numbered from 1 to 8. Then sent it to Suzanne, so that she could get started with her wallpaper as soon as possible, and be happy with the result.


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